Worth it?

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Feb 18, 2013
If you read and liked Joyland then Blaze is up your alley. Like skimom2 said, Blaze is about the writing and the story, not about the thrills, chills and whatever other things that "go bump in the night" one comes to expect from "classic" SK.
That's the thing though... I didn't like Joyland. In fact, Joyland made me loose some faith in King. It seemed to have no heart or passion.
Roadwork, Rage and Dead Zone are my favourites, especially Roadwork which seems like a master work with no gimmicks or frills. But is Blaze like Joyland, i.e. a pale imitation of genre?

I've decided to give Mr Mercedes a chance once the paperback price drops below 5$ :)

Machine's Way

“Go then, there are other worlds than these.”
Jul 13, 2009
I didn't love it. But I've read everything King has written and even if I didn't love everything, it's all worth it.
One of my least favorite King books, but with that said I agree with Lily Sawyer, Just reading King is all worth it. But if you have any other SK stories you are considering reading first. I say choose one of those, but this thread is old, so if you did read it what was your opinion?
Nov 7, 2007
I loved Joyland, but i have to set Blaze aside for a while. Not because i don't like it , but because i get so emotional. It just so heart breaking to read about his childhood and abuse, can't take it just now. I myself don't have similar experiences, so it is not like it is a trigger, but for me it has allways been difficult to read about abuse. Maybe it is the lost opportunity; Blaze was a bright child with possibilities to have better life.
I' m going to read this book, eventually.
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