wow christine!

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Mar 30, 2011
Absolutely love this film....just finished watching it tonight and have seen it many times....I love nerdy Arnie in this film...I think Keith Gordon played the part excellently...
He is such a nice guy in the beginning and then is changing due to Christine is really good....I liked Dennis in this film....he kinda looks and helps Arnie out....
The car itself is fantastic....the effects of it being trashed and then reparing itself is amazing....the music by John Carpenter is brill and it really sets the atmosphere of the film....the car radio plays these oldie songs and is creepy....I love the scene where the girl is choking in the car and the car wont open the doors....and the music is playing a Ritchie Valens song We belong together.....this film is a it!!!!
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We all have it coming, kid
May 9, 2010
I love nerdy Arnie in this film...I think Keith Gordon played the part excellently...
One of the things that sometimes turns me off of the film adaptations is having to watch mere Hollywood actors try to bring life to characters Mr. King has already sired in my imagination. If I were to be forced to cite one example -- and only one -- of how Hollywood got it right, it would be Keith Gordon as Arnie Cunningham.
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Sunlight Gardener

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Jul 22, 2013
I agree, I liked him in it too. I know the guy who played Buddy Repperton looked roughly like a 40 year old high school senior, but he fit the bill so well. I know I wouldn't wanna tangle with him. Factor in that I am an absolute car freak, the movie did it for me. Between Christine, Buddy's '68 Camaro (my exact dream car) and Dennis' Duster (I think?), I was in car heaven.

I agree that the smashed car effects in reverse were great too. And the music! Those opening bars of Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood as Christine is rolling off the assembly line? Come on!

Listen, I know it's no masterpiece of a movie but I have seen it probably 10 times and enjoyed it all 10.
Jun 19, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia area
Hi from a High School buddy of Stephen's ...... real-life Arnie was a couple years ahead of us: at the time when Stephen and I began our Freshman High School year together .... I knew real-life Arnie personally and he definitely was a little different (sometimes laughing at his own jokes) ... he was very "clique"-ish and wasn't caught talking to any of the Freshman students, as I recall ........
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