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Hill lover35

Well-Known Member
Jan 8, 2017
Alberta canada
Yesterday I picked up a vinyl copy of - Christine "The Movie Soundtrack"

Only cost me pence too, I found it at the re-cycling shop of a local skip!

How could anyone throw that out??!!!

ohhhh that is a nice one. I have been looking for that one. I made my own from iTunes and also put in some book songs that kind used. I would also take the re-release they did. The cd of john carpenters movie themes are awesome.


Bill and Georgie Fan
Sep 17, 2017
Got 3 soundtracks on vinyl on Saturday. Wax works . It wondercon 2018 Exclusive,on white vinyl, Creepshow on Red Smoke Vinyl and Creepshow 2on Gold Teal vinyl.
Got a 1000 piece puzzle It exculsive from Gamestop. Now I shall be busy ,once I get started.
That is cool that they release some soundtracks on Vinyl. So you have the soundtrack for Creepshow 2?


I go Boo.....
Mar 20, 2019
I've been on a Pennywise (2017) kick and recently. Been getting quite a few Pennywise stickers from Etsy that are hit and miss, some are really cool like one is Pennywise with a mini Demogorgon from Stranger Things. I want the soundtrack on cd but I have a strict rule, I will not buy a cd if it comes in a digipak case or a cardboard sleeve, it has to be a jewel case and the two disc set comes in some kind of silly cardboard box like thing.
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