Your Latest Stephen King Related Purchase:

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Jul 11, 2006
Spokane, WA
I bought a copy of Horrorpilations: The Art Of J.K.Potter. It has an introduction by Stephen King. Large oversized paperback with tons of illustrations from Potter that I had never seen. He is the illustrator for the Scream/Press limited edition of Skeleton Crew. He is an amazing artist. He has done lots of illustrations for some of the big 'names' in fantasy/horror. His artwork looks like it has been done in photoshop but he actually uses old fashioned cameras and technics to accomplish what he does. PS- There's one copy on ebay right now going for less than $10 (free shipping!) in case anyone's interested.......


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Oct 8, 2013
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Post your latest acquired gem here....

(It's actually been awhile for me--does purchasing "Internet Blocks" so that I can hang out at the MB, count?) ;)
Ok, besides the new book, I did purchase the Entertainment Weekly magazine "The Ultimate Guide to Stephen King" It's good he is getting a new generation of fans. His books don't go out of style. ;)


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Sep 8, 2011
The Netherlands
I got an ARC of Gwendy's Magic Feather . i also got a Stephen King comic by Tidal Wave Productions. Was suprized the used bookstore had Magic Feather already.
How is Gwendy's Magic Feather. I felt dissatisfied with the way the first book ended. I wonder if this new book will answer some questions I have after the first book, or rather add more questions. In the latter case I think I rather skip it.