Your Latest Stephen King Related Purchase:

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king family fan

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Jul 19, 2010
I now have many new Funkos. Stephen king 43,The shop keeper 874 and The B & N exclusive 44. Demonic Pennywise &
Funhouse 10. Pennywise Glowbug 877 Gamestop Exclusive,Pennywise Meltdown 875,and Pennywise without make-up876.
Has anyone heard when they will release the It kids Funkos from chapter 2?
Also got Stephen king It Canaligator bobblehead in the mail yesterday.


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Jun 15, 2007
Cambridge, Ohio
Came home with a copy of If It Bleeds and two It Funko Pops: Shopkeeper (Steve holding the red cup) and Pennywise Without The Makeup. Couldn't find the book at my usual store I shop at so had to go to Wallmart. Just was wanting the book but then I spotted those Funko Pops.......
....will power??.....what the hell’s that?....:rofl: