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Your Other Favorite Authors

Discussion in 'Bred Any Good Rooks Lately? (Suggested Reading)' started by FlakeNoir, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. HollyGolightly

    HollyGolightly Well-Known Member

    Today is John Steinbeck's 112th birthday!
  2. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    The booker prize winner for last year was the youngest ever she is a Kiwi born in canada. Eleanor Canton, the book is set in NZ during the gold rush and is a murder, love. ghost story. it has 12 men all telling a story relating to an incident by the same perosn that happened to them. the chapters are called after the signs of the zodiac and is about 800 pages. her descriptive powers are so good, you feel you are in the town where the gold is being mined.

    Other favourites:

    James herbert RIP
    Tom Clancy RIP
    Jack higgins
    Frederick Forysth
    John Grisham - everything i know about american law, i learned from him
    Mark Gimenz
    Michael Crichton - timelinel, pirates latitudes i think
    robert goddard
    Robert Harris
    Guy walters - historian pertaining to WWII
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  3. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    loved Ghost Story by Peter Straub

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  4. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    Part two of my favourtie writers

    Leo tolstoy
    Wilbur Smith
    max Hastings
    nelson Demille
    A chap from maine goes by the name of Stephen King
    stephen Hawking
    Lisa Randall (physisct)
    and many many more

    The bottom line is i just can't i repeat can't buy one book i come out with 3/4. even when i go to the library i take out 15 books(you are only allowed 12)
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  5. sam peebles

    sam peebles Well-Known Member

    No particular order:

    Ray Bradbury
    Philip K Dick
    William Gibson
    Neal Stephenson
    Robert Heinlein
    Michael Crichton
    Dan Simmons
    JRR Tolkien
    Terry Pratchett
    Elmore Leonard
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  6. Shoesalesman

    Shoesalesman Well-Known Member

    One of my favorite books ever.
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  7. Stephen Hynding

    Stephen Hynding New Member

    Shane Stevens!!!
    After reading The Dark Half last month, I took the advice from Mr. King himself and checked out "Dead City" by Shane Stevens. He highly recommended it in the prologue, even named the fictional-fictional character from that book, Alexis Machine, after one of it's climactic characters. After reading the classics he suggested in "Danse Macabre" I thought it best to follow his advice once again. To be honest, I've only read "Dead City" so far but it was excellent and in terms of rawness, grit and prose, could very well be another "Richard Bachman", if you get my drift. Not very likely, though, as that book in particular was first published in 1972.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2014
  8. Riot87

    Riot87 Love him forever

    Brian Keene & Dean Koontz
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  9. Grandpa

    Grandpa Well-Known Member

    I can't read Steinbeck without having my breath taken away and despairing of ever being anything but an unknown cypher in the Great Unwashed Ersatz Authors. (Fortunately, Mr. King addressed this in On Writing.)

    Harper Lee. She had a story to tell. Just one, apparently. And she told it in unmatched style. I still remember reading that doggone book after I was supposed to be in bed, by the dim light of the overhead bulb in the hall, stunned at the announcement in the courtroom, whispering hoarsely and furiously, "No! No! No!" Never had a book affect me that much before or since.

    Dave Barry. He makes me laugh. Like, every time.
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  10. EMARX

    EMARX Well-Known Member

    ...Mockingbird is a wonderful story and I keep hesitating to watch the film to possibly sully my appreciation of the book.
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  11. EMARX

    EMARX Well-Known Member

    I wanted to mention The Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell. It is one of my all time favorites. The books are challenging just from a narrative viewpoint, but reading Durrells' prose is like having a painting leap off the wall into your imagination.
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  12. Haunted

    Haunted This is my favorite place

    The film was extraordinary; both the book and the film can be appreciated separately.
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  13. EMARX

    EMARX Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ms. H
    I will try and fit it in this weekend, but it seems all I want to do is read.
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  14. EMTP513

    EMTP513 Well-Known Member

    George Orwell
    J.D Salinger
    Kelly Braffet
    Dean Koontz
    J.K Rowling
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  15. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    my favourite authors pt 69
    Stephen King
    Joe Hill
    Frederick Forsyth
    nelson demille
    john Grisham
    James Herbert
    Clive Barker
    george orwell
    mark gimenez
    Carloz Ruiz Zafon(spanish Writer who wrote The Shadow of the wind
    Robert goddard
    Pascal Mercier (nigth train to Lisbon,perlmann's silen(please note this is a very heavy book and may need 2 or 3 attempts)
    Oscar Wilde
    CJ samson
    Robert Harris
    Benjamin Black a/k/a John Banville an irish writer who wrote the sea.
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  16. mustangclaire

    mustangclaire There's petrol runnin' through my veins.

    Bill Bryson makes me laugh and laugh like a loon.
    Clive Barker
    John Fowles (The Magus is one of my favourite books of all time)
    *whispering* Jilly Cooper
    James Herbert
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  17. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    did you read 'The rats' Trilogy? Mustangclaire. My favourite character is David Ash, - Haunted(saw the film with Kate Bekinsdale), The ghosts of Sleath and Ash.
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  18. Kurben

    Kurben The Fool on the Hill

    Well there is a lot of them and in a lot of very different genres.
    John Wyndham
    M.R. James
    Rudyard Kipling
    Shirley Jackson
    Justin Cronin
    Harlan Coben
    Linwood Barclay
    Peter Robinson
    Tanith Lee
    Ursula K. LeGuin
    Jack Vance
    Diana Gabaldon (at least the first books in the outlander series is very good)
    Agatha Christie
    Dorothy sayers
    Ken Follett (not the thrillers but his historical novels)
    Conn Iggulden
    Robert Harris (his historical work like Empire, Pompeji and Fatherland)

    That is authors that have written many good things. Then I must admit I thouroyhgly enjoyed Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I thought that World war Z was probably the best book on Zombies i have read. A lot of good movies in that area but thats the only good book i found. Then I like wellmade alternate history such as the years of rice and salt by Kim Stanley Robinson and 1632 by Eric Flint
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2014
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  19. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    if you like alternative history, try Dominion by C.J. Samson, the premise is England, lost the war(at Dunkirk) Churchill is on the run with a band of rebels who are trying to oust the germans, and a former scientist holds a key to something that america is developing that could change the balance of power.
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  20. Kurben

    Kurben The Fool on the Hill

    Thanks. I might just do that. Haven't actually heard of that one before but i check it out.
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