Entry for 'Creepshow' in Written Works?

Discussion in 'Creepshow (Comic)' started by bobbo, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Was just perusing some of the "older" titles, and--is it me, or is there no message board/forum spot to comment on the AWESOME comic lookalike 1982 issue of the movie tie-in for CREEPSHOW? Man, I loved that when I was eleven or twelve...I'll never forgive my uncle Butch, the tireless reader and natural book thief, who took this home to read over a weekend and lost forever. I've never replaced it--and now it's quite the collector's item, by the listed prices on eBay and other sites. Dammit!

    Anybody else pick this up as a pre-teen, for something like seven or eight bucks, brand new?!

    Yer Pal,
  2. kingricefan

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    Start looking in used bookstores or thrift stores. I have run across a few copies here and there.
  3. bobbo

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    You know, I used to see 'em quite frequently--even a brand new copy in Hastings, a "big" regional chain here in Texas, for a list price of $14.95. That was something like seven or ten years ago...dammit! I'll keep on lookin' though, y'know.
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    Have contacted Jordan to add Creepshow to the Other Works section. Can't believe we missed that one--good catch!
  5. skimom2

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    WHOA! I didn't know such a thing was published! The movie pleases me immensely, every time :)
  6. king family fan

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    I have seen a few copies at our local bookstore. They sell for around $5 here.
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