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    Exactly - it's all about the quest! We have a fabulous antique mall in our town and there's always ancient books on the shelves for $5. Of course, if I run across that I'll want it for myself, but I'll tell you all about finding it!
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    Our family friend is a Vietnam Veteran and he said guns that have lots of bullets in them, like the one he "used in Nam makes you have to wear gloves or you'll burn sh*t out of your hands and have boils and be a prime target for the enemy."
    We were playing an imagination game of question and answer to get to know our personalities, and one of the questions was "What's your weapon of choice?" My answer was "a flamethrower." He looks at me and goes "I hope you're planning on wearing protective hand gear."
    "Why?" I asked and he told me about the heat from firing rifles like M60's, M16's and others and added that all weapons heat up with continued use. I guess a flamethrower is included in that. How would I know anyway. I've never held a flamethrower in my life.
    His answer for his weapon of choice is positively frightening. He chose his hands.
    He's a former Army Ranger and paratrooper, trained in hand-to-hand combat. But you'd never know he was unless you happened to be the guy who had a major attack of road rage, because we beeped at him once after he did something dangerous and illegal, who decided to pull a gun on us.
    My friend disarmed him when the guy was still outside arm's reach and disabled the guy just by using his hands to do it. He didn't even use the gun to knock the guy out. He used one hand.
    That's why I said his choice of weapon is scary.
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