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Discussion in 'Nightmares & Dreamscapes' started by Lina, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Lina

    Lina Committed member

    So far I watched 2 episodes from the show: Crouch End and Battleground. I liked Crouch End, probably, even better than the story. But as for Battleground, here I liked the story much better... Well, as usual - nothing like a good book!

    What do you think of the show? Did you like it? What is your favorite episode?
  2. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    Hey Lina - I just watched an episode on YouTube called "You Know they got a Hell of a Band" from Nightmares and Dreamscapes. I have read the story and I thought their interpretation of the story was really good! I was pleasantly surprised. It was 44 minutes and 15 seconds and they stuck pretty close to the story line. I would recommend this episode.

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...yeah Neesy, that was probably the best bit...
  4. HollyGolightly

    HollyGolightly Well-Known Member

    I didn't even know this was a show! Dang - is it on Netflix? Or real TV? I'll go google.
    Oh, I see - 2006 - I was up to my eyeballs in toddlers then, but I'm going to catch up.
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  5. ghost19

    ghost19 Well-Known Member

    I thought Crouch End was very good. Whole story had a very creepy feel to it.
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  6. doowopgirl

    doowopgirl very avid fan

    I saw it on DVD.
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...yeah bro, it was a tremendous homage to the Lovecraftian mystique...or to make it easier to translate for yer whiskey drowned brain cells...he fu**in' nailed it!!!!....
  8. mustangclaire

    mustangclaire There's petrol runnin' through my veins.

    Another one to get from Amazon. Thanks for the thread! Will watch that when I have the house to myself.

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...hee, hee, hee.....King "porn".....
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  10. Viktorija

    Viktorija Member

    I saw Crouch End too. I really enjoyed watching it, I mean because of the interesting storyline and good acting, but the effects... Oh, the effects. :O_O: If they're so bad why to make them at all??
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  11. DanishReader

    DanishReader Well-Known Member

    Crouch End the story is so much better than the TV episode, not just in terms of the not-so-good special effects, but also the acting which wasn't top notch (except for the creepy cabbie). The best two episodes of this show was definitely The End of the Whole Mess and Battleground.
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  12. FireGurl26

    FireGurl26 Well-Known Member

    Awesome movie. All the stories were great. Battleground, Love the soldiers coming to life. I think I also saw an "Homage" to the Zuni doll in "Trilogy of Terror". Trilogy of terror I saw as a child and have never ever really gotten over it. Now anytime I see an African doll I won't go anywhere near it, nor anything similar. That movie absolutely freaked me out, nightmares for awhile. My son however got really creeped out by "Crouch End". Funny what things really creep us out, and stay with us as an adult. I wonder why Stephen King payed "Homage" to the Zuni doll. Makes me wonder if he got spooked by that movie as well. If so, makes me feel that I am not alone. So, many people laugh cuz that movie was so cheesy (Trilogy of Terror) but yet so freaky to me.

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