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  1. J

    My Unsolicited Opinion

    hello It fans I made a short review on IT 2017 would be great if you guys could check it out :D My Unsolicited Opinion
  2. sign543

    Other Derry Stories without IT influences

    There are a number of other stories with Derry as the setting. Since IT was a presence in, and, essentially was the founder of, Derry since people began to populate it, I wonder why no other stories reference it...or reference it more. Also, there seems to be an endless supply of derivative...
  3. C

    IT (2017) Merchandise - Derry or SK's Maine Map Poster

    I haven't seen much merchandise for the movie. I would love to get a poster of the Derry Sewer System Map from the movie. I've been looking for a poster size map of Derry or SK's fictional Maine in general and haven't found anything. Anyone seen any posters like these?
  4. Soupy

    Who Would Love to see a Derry TV Series

    It seems like there are so many tie-ins to this little Maine town! I envisage a show similar to Haven, but with a much MUCH darker tone. Ever since I read 11.23.63, I thought a series dedicated to Derry, Maine (and hopefully not butchered like 11.23.63) would be awesome. Especially if it tied in...
  5. Saraadams

    Poetry from IT

    In honor of National Poetry Month, and inspired by my enjoyment of IT, I am writing 30 erasure poems using this text as (properly cited) source material. Here is a link to one of the poems on my blog: His Teeth | ITSPOETRY It would be amazing if Stephen King himself read this post. I know...
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