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  1. Keith Richie

    Gunslinger - A Journey to The Dark Tower in Music: Volume 1

    Hello all, A bit of intro on myself. I am a professional software developer, but when I’m not writing software, I love to make music! I first became obsessed with electronic music in the early 80’s by being exposed to the fascinating music of John Carpenter, and later Tangerine Dream which are...
  2. Kielacqua

    Gunslinger V. Gunslinger

    After re-reading The Dark tower series after reading Gunslinger by Edward Dorn, I wonder if King found some inspiration there after seeing some common themes. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. M_Parabola

    The ONLY Casting For Roland That Makes Sense...

    Is Anson Mount. And I'll tell you why, but first let me provide you with some photos and a video for those unfamiliar with the actor. Trailer of Hell on Wheels: Now I'll go into some detail. He's the correct age, and his features match the physical descriptions of Roland in the book with...
  4. S. A. Hunt

    If you follow the Beam, I've put together a giant Spotify playlist of gunslinger music.

    Last month I decided to put together a "soundtrack playlist" on Spotify for my fantasy-gunslinger book series, and since then it's ballooned to 188 songs. There's dreamy and uplifting indie-country, acoustic instrumental covers, songs from spaghetti-western movies and games, dark and dirty...