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  1. F


    Hello! I've recently started reading Stephen King, and have only currently read The Shining and Pet Semetary. After finishing PS I had so many questions and kept thinking about the book, and after a while I found this message board and joined. I recently tweeted to SK in the hope of getting a...
  2. rotting_moth

    Pet Sematary Revisited

    From time to time I come across various books which dissect and examine other well known novels, or movies, TV shows, etc., on an academic level (think "______ and Philosophy"). Has anyone written anything like that for 'Pet Sematary'? A book that expounds on all the details and mysteries, for...
  3. Salt City Horror Fest

    Screening a rare CREEPSHOW 2 35mm print 4/28

    If you live in the North East or would like to travel, I'm screening a nice 35mm print from the Academy Film Archives of CREEPSHOW 2 with Animation Director Rick Catizone intro Q/A. April 28th in Syracuse NY. #2018saltcityhorrorfest
  4. Eric Thompson

    This Needs A Sequel

    I really liked this book. But one thing that has bugged me about this book is how they left things with Ellie. The last mention of her in the book was when her grandparents were trying to calm her down in Chicago as she is having nightmare that-based on the accuracy it has to what is going on...
  5. S

    I want my t-shirt to go to a real fan

    I'm selling my Pet Sematary 2 cast t-shirt and want it to go to a real fan. I'm not a dealer or collector, just someone that needs some cash and I'm selling some things on Ebay. Take a look: Very RARE Pet Sematary 2 Stephen King Cast XL T Shirt Never Sold to Public | eBay If the link is down...
  6. melmo672

    Mel from Melbourne here.

    Hey everybody. I'm a writer and mum from Melbourne. My gateway King book was Pet Sematary, which I read when I was twelve, and I loved it. My favourite King book? That's a toss-up between Full Dark, No Stars and Cell. I read pretty much anything as long as it's good, and my other favourite books...