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  1. Questthroughking

    Mr. Mercedes Video Review & Stop Motion

    Hello Constant Readers! I just posted my video review for Mr. Mercedes! Make sure you stay tuned for the stop-motion segment! This is video is part of a series called the Quest Through King! The series will track my progress as I attempt to read everything Stephen...
  2. Questthroughking

    My Video Shining Review

    Hello all, I am somewhat new to these forums, but I wanted to share my Shining Review with you here! It's part of a new series I am working on called "The Quest Through King" in which I am reading through all of King's works! If you are at all interested in the series or considering reading...
  3. Questthroughking

    The Quest Through King (New Video Series)

    Hey everyone, I am on a mission to read and review everything Stephen King has ever written! Please join me on my Quest here: Reviews will be posted on the 1st and 15th of every month! Week 1: The Shining! If you have already read the books in discussion, please feel free to come back...
  4. Ronan Cray

    Please Review Dust Eaters North

    Hi all, My next novel comes out on October 4th, and I'd love to get your opinions on it. I'll send a free, advance Kindle version to anyone who wants to give it a shot (or other format). Dust Eaters North is a zombie adventure novel. By now, you either love 'em or hate 'em, so if you still...
  5. The Spider

    From Derry To The Macroverse: A Review Of Stephen King's IT *SPOILERS*

    I was just 12 years old when I read the very long and very rich IT by Stephen King. I remember watching the mini-series on t.v. when I was only 7 and not being too affected by Tim Curry's absolutely stunning performance of the titular villain. By not affected I mean not scared out of small mind...
  6. alittleotter

    Blog Article About Stephen King

    I wanted to share an article I wrote on my blog about Stephen King's writings and what affect his work had on my life as well as a bit of analysis of it all. It's called The Creative Mind of Stephen King. I hope you enjoy it.
  7. Charms7

    Intriguing Review

    Who could this be with such insight into Sai King's works? I found this on Amazon in the review section of Bazaar of Bad Dreams.