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  1. tessiegirl

    The Updated Illustrated Stephen King Universe Flowchart

    Some of you may remember my Stephen King Universe Flowchart- well, the Updated, Illustrated version is finally here!!! It's current up to End of Watch. It is available at my Etsy Store: Here is a little snippet:
  2. P

    Some questions about The Wind through the Keyhole (SPOILERS)

    Hi, I just finished reading TWttKH (after reading all the other DT books) and I have some questions: 1. I was really confused by what Everlynne told Roland at the end, about Marten seeking Gabrielle in Serenity. When was it established that Gabrielle spent time at Serenity? I don't remember...
  3. W

    Petition for a Netflix show based on the REAL story

    It would be a dream come true. A TV series closely based on the books; with the right order (starting season one with "The Gunslinger") and let Roland look like Roland. Let them do the movie; that's fine. But give US this one instead. Petition · Netflix: We want Netflix to do Stephen...
  4. M_Parabola

    The ONLY Casting For Roland That Makes Sense...

    Is Anson Mount. And I'll tell you why, but first let me provide you with some photos and a video for those unfamiliar with the actor. Trailer of Hell on Wheels: Now I'll go into some detail. He's the correct age, and his features match the physical descriptions of Roland in the book with...
  5. TheAngryCryingGirl!

    Stephen King, you are a jerk.

    I don't know if this will reach Mr. King, though he hardly deserves such a title. It's been a very long time, perhaps since listening to my mom read me Old Yeller when I was eight years old, that I've cried, and hard, because of a book. But alas! King is a jerk. Thank you for ripping my heart...
  6. Z

    An alternate casting for Roland

    I've been meaning to write this letter to Stephen King for a while and I finally did. However, I then read that he isn't actually the one who looks at his fan mail anymore, so, I might as well just post it here. Thoughts? Dear Mr. King, I’ve felt strongly about this for a while, and I just...
  7. raggedyman79

    Matthew McConaughey as Roland Deschain?

    Matthew McConaughey as Roland Deschain in DARK TOWER?! Is this news? It seems like his name's been bandied about before, or was that for THE STAND? Anyway, what do you guys think of this?