Some questions about The Wind through the Keyhole (SPOILERS)

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Oct 21, 2015
I just finished reading TWttKH (after reading all the other DT books) and I have some questions:
1. I was really confused by what Everlynne told Roland at the end, about Marten seeking Gabrielle in Serenity. When was it established that Gabrielle spent time at Serenity? I don't remember reading about it. Did she go there after being caught cheating with Marten?
2. In Gabrielle's letter, she wrote that she had overheard something that might save Gilead for a few more years? What was it, and did she tell it to Roland or his father when she returned?
3. Why was Jamie DeCurry's hand red ("as if it had been dipped in blood")?
4. The Widow Smack talks of Marten's hobbies and pastimes, then mentions to Tim Ross "a foul business" he did at Tree that she would "not talk about to a boy." Do we have any idea what it was?
5. Before giving Tim the gun, the Widow Smack makes him wait for her a long while at her doorstep. When she comes back, she says "I made sure you were gone," which hurts Tim. What does she mean?
6. At the end of the WttKH story, it says Tim saw Maerlyn once more when he was an old man. Is that second encounter mentioned in any of King's novels?
7. Near the end of Roland's tale, when he and Jamie are having lunch in Serenity, she talks of that night's celebration. She tells Jamie "Too much drink can make a man less a man later on and blur memories he might want to keep", then looks at him knowingly and adds "P'raps not..." which causes Jamie to blush. What was she hinting at?

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