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  1. C

    Obtaining Copyright to Pen Script.

    Hi, I am a huge fan of The Dark Tower books and really want to pen the script for a tv pilot for a show that is faithful to its source material, unlike the recent major motion picture. By any chance does anyone know how to go about obtaining the copyrights to legally pen the script? Thanks!
  2. Bangor_Skanck

    Insomnia is a Mind trap?

    so ok if the the book Insomnia was actualy a mind trap doesnt it follow suite that Patrick Danville would also be apart of that trap ...and if ck was banished to todash space wouldnt he be able to come back through one of the broken doors ..was this his plan all along? ...plus those things where...
  3. Wayoftheredpanda

    When to start reading "The Dark Tower" series?

    I started reading King a year ago and was wondering if there are any important books to read before starting "The Dark Tower" books. I have read these books so far in following order; Christine, IT, Misery, The Shining, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, 'Salems' Lot...
  4. S

    Dark Tower - Song (Progressive/Hard Rock)

    hey there and greetings to all SK fans, I have seen a couple of very interested musical attempts here dedicated to the DT series; just wanted to share our own contribution here, being huge fans of Roland and his story: enjoy - or not :)
  5. V


    I am a first time reader of the Dark Tower series and I just finished Wolves about 15 minutes ago. I have never read any other Stephen King books before (safe to say I will absolutely do so after completing this series). Something very 19 happened to me as I finished Wolves. As I sat in a...
  6. C

    Hello! Greenest Newbie on the block!

    Aspiring writer here. I am a huge fan of the Dark Tower series, and writing a Post Apocalyptic fantasy story of my own. I am not deliberately pulling from Stephen's works, but I thought it would be pretty cool if Roland or maybe Eddie wandered through my world on the way to the bathroom or...
  7. Eric Thompson

    IT Theory

    At the very least, we all have a general understanding of It. It lives in the macro verse (also known as Todash Space in the Dark Tower books), which surrounds all universes. It came to Derry before humans came to North America, maybe even before humans actually existed, and eventually gained an...
  8. Eric Thompson

    How Much Does It Know? (IT & D.T Spoilers)

    I understand that It/Pennywise believes that the only two powerful beings that exist are Maturin and himself. Having said that, there have been several things in different books that overlap with things that happen in "It". In "Insomnia", the Crimson King calls on the power of what appears to be...
  9. eddietrooper

    Song of Susannah (video)

    Hi! Some months ago I posted here a video from my song "Wizard and Glass". Now I want to show you a new Dark Tower-related song, "Song of Susannah". The idea is to make a whole album with eight DT-related songs. I hope you like it! You can also check the video from Wizard and Glass if...
  10. Ash Housewares


    So, I'm just about finished book 4 of the Tower series and am still trying to fathom the character accents. As I read I keep changing in my mind from a western accent to a Scottish accent to an Irish accent to a British accent. Does anyone have any idea which choice I should go for as I read...
  11. MerlinFL

    How can Mr. King continue to allow his work to be ruined by Hollywood?!

    There are several quality exceptions. Three of these wonderful exceptions are all written for the screen as well as directed by Frank Darabont. Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist. But what I'm completely baffled and honestly angered by is what is supposed to be The Dark Tower...
  12. LonePineBride

    The Man in Black?? Theory

    Is the Space Cowboy who torments Jessie in the night, in fact, The Man in Black??
  13. C

    Dark Tower Connection

    This has been on my mind for years (obviously) and I felt I would put it out here to King fans. There is a line we hear down in the Old Kingdom from Sally's friend. "Let the lamp affix it's beam. The only Emperor is the Emperor of Ice Cream." The affixing the beam line is what stays with me...
  14. saiyris

    Who is your Oy?

    i'm finishing the dark tower audiobook 7 this week (i listen while i weld at work). i'm also a cat dad.. and a cat best friend. we've(my spouse and i) a pride of kitties. and to me, they're all Oy. what about you?
  15. D

    How the Movie (or an HBO series) could fix continuity issues, Better Ending

    This is a post that is comprised of some comments I made on youtube. I really liked the idea I had as how the movie (or, preferably, an HBO game of thrones style series) could reconcile and fix some of the problems with the book series. The first part was in response to a question about what...
  16. NightShifter

    Brief Insomnia Review - Spoiler Free

    Finally finished Stephen King's Insomnia this week and I was not expecting all the Dark Tower connections. I have not read Dark Tower yet, but this may be my catalyst. The book has a hard time standing on its own and I'm happy I had an idea about the Dark Tower series so I could follow what...
  17. B

    A Dark Tower video game.

    So here I am, about to graduate with a BS for game development, part-way through book five of the Dark Tower series, looking forward to the movie/TV series starting next year, and wondering... Why isn't there a Dark Tower video game series yet? I know sai King hasn't really touched anything...
  18. S

    The man in black fled across the desert, and we re-read. A look back at Chapter 1 of The Gunslinger

    In anticipation of the upcoming Dark Tower movie, one of my favorite websites is doing a Reread of the entire series! They just started Chapter 1 of THE GUNSLINGER if anyone is interested: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, Chapter 1 by David Cranmer
  19. S

    REQ Stephen King reads DT1, Gunslinger and DT2, Drawing of the Three

    I have 'DT1 The Gunslinger' and 'DT2 The Drawing of the Three' read by Stephen King on cassette from the 1980's. The cassettes are great but fragile/ancient now. I am looking for digital versions. Guidall does a great job but it takes Stephen King to really bring it to life. I cannot find...
  20. P

    Some questions about The Wind through the Keyhole (SPOILERS)

    Hi, I just finished reading TWttKH (after reading all the other DT books) and I have some questions: 1. I was really confused by what Everlynne told Roland at the end, about Marten seeking Gabrielle in Serenity. When was it established that Gabrielle spent time at Serenity? I don't remember...