dark tower

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  1. xforce11

    Where does this book fall in the DT series spoilers

    I've listened to/read the DT series several times. I just finished Black House. My question is where does this fall in the DT series timeline. Because they were going to take Ty to Blue Heaven with Ted, it was before Song of Susannah. It seems like it happens before the beam breaking in...
  2. C

    Publishing Error? (..and how much is that worth? haha)

    So I am currently visiting home for a week, and I am going through my dad's Stephen King collection and asked him why he had never finished reading the "Dark Tower" series. He began to explain it was so long ago he doesn't remember the exact reason. After about 10 minutes, he grabs the book from...
  3. M


    Let me start by saying I like Idris Elba. He's an incredible actor. That being said, my opinion is he is the WRONG person to cast as Roland. I cannot picture it. When I first read this series, I pictured Clint Eastwood as Roland. I recently started rereading the series and all I see is Daniel...
  4. P

    Song inspired by The Dark Tower

    Greetings all! Longtime fan of SK's work here. I wrote a song, "A Rose, A Door" inspired by The Dark Tower (or rather, inspired by the 9-year Dungeons & Dragons campaign I ran which was inspired by The Dark Tower) My band Thee Hobo Gobbelins recorded it on our most recent album, ODDITIES AND...
  5. T

    Viggo Mortensen as Roland

    Keeping it short: Idris is great. But too intense. Matthew is wonderful. But too expressive. Vigo. Think Eastern Promises and A History of Violence and the attahced image from Captain Fantastic. Controlled within something always beneath ready to pounce. Roland's aging. His weather and time...
  6. M_Parabola

    The ONLY Casting For Roland That Makes Sense...

    Is Anson Mount. And I'll tell you why, but first let me provide you with some photos and a video for those unfamiliar with the actor. Trailer of Hell on Wheels: Now I'll go into some detail. He's the correct age, and his features match the physical descriptions of Roland in the book with...
  7. TheAngryCryingGirl!

    Stephen King, you are a jerk.

    I don't know if this will reach Mr. King, though he hardly deserves such a title. It's been a very long time, perhaps since listening to my mom read me Old Yeller when I was eight years old, that I've cried, and hard, because of a book. But alas! King is a jerk. Thank you for ripping my heart...
  8. Z

    An alternate casting for Roland

    I've been meaning to write this letter to Stephen King for a while and I finally did. However, I then read that he isn't actually the one who looks at his fan mail anymore, so, I might as well just post it here. Thoughts? Dear Mr. King, I’ve felt strongly about this for a while, and I just...
  9. raggedyman79

    Matthew McConaughey as Roland Deschain?

    Matthew McConaughey as Roland Deschain in DARK TOWER?! Is this news? It seems like his name's been bandied about before, or was that for THE STAND? Anyway, what do you guys think of this?
  10. Lflynn07

    New to board, but King has been God in our family since "Carrie" came out.

    Having read all of the books, and had the honor of seeing Mr King at Hartford in person in the past 2 yrs, we are so excited at the prospect of "The Dark Tower" coming to the screen in a series that we know will be highly anticipated. Mr King writes in such a way that it is so visual and always...
  11. P

    New to forums - Dark Tower question

    Hi everyone, This is my first time posting here. I finished reading the first four Dark Tower books, and read somewhere that before reading Wolves of the Calla, I should read several other SK books, such as The Talisman, Insomnia, Desperation, Black House, The Regulators, The Stand, etc. The...
  12. S. A. Hunt

    If you follow the Beam, I've put together a giant Spotify playlist of gunslinger music.

    Last month I decided to put together a "soundtrack playlist" on Spotify for my fantasy-gunslinger book series, and since then it's ballooned to 188 songs. There's dreamy and uplifting indie-country, acoustic instrumental covers, songs from spaghetti-western movies and games, dark and dirty...
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