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  1. Questthroughking

    The Quest Through King (New Video Series)

    Hey everyone, I am on a mission to read and review everything Stephen King has ever written! Please join me on my Quest here: Reviews will be posted on the 1st and 15th of every month! Week 1: The Shining! If you have already read the books in discussion, please feel free to come back...
  2. Questthroughking

    The Quest Through King (reading everything!)

    Hello! I am on a mission to read everything Stephen King has ever written and am starting completely fresh. I read my first book at the beginning of 2017 and I am now four novels and four short stories in! I decided that it would be fun to document my reviews and reactions on video, so I...
  3. Littlekellilee

    Theory About John Coffey (Spoiler Included)

    Hi everyone! I have a theory that John Coffey shines. He knows other's thoughts and feelings, and knows of other's illnesses. This is VERY similar to Danny Torrance in Doctor Sleep. John is even able to move illnesses between people. What are your thoughts on this?
  4. bradjewell

    Stephen King themed Horror Block (September 2016)

    Did anyone else on here get the Horror Block with the Stephen King theme? It's a subscription block done by the people who do the Nerd Block (and Arcade Block, Comic Block, and couple others), and last month all the items were Stephen King themed. They are already doing October, so it...
  5. ParamedicX

    The Shining II....hear me out ;)

    Quickly/brainstorm. Wendy and Danny come out of the morning snow and arrive in town in the Snow Trac. They run to the local sheriff. There is only the Sheriff, his deputy, and one state trooper having breakfast with them. Nobody, NOBODY, is aware that Jack is frozen in the maze. The...