The Shining II....hear me out ;)

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New Member
Apr 29, 2016
Quickly/brainstorm. Wendy and Danny come out of the morning snow and arrive in town in the Snow Trac. They run to the local sheriff. There is only the Sheriff, his deputy, and one state trooper having breakfast with them. Nobody, NOBODY, is aware that Jack is frozen in the maze. The officers decide they cannot risk leaving Jack up there until spring (he could burn the Overlook down or escape and murder more people). The officers and the guy who rented Dick the Snow Trac, he also has a teenage son who befriends Danny, leave in a Snow Trac to go up to the Overlook to find Jack.

One story is the men going to the hotel. The hotel is haunted and there are multiple ways to address this. One of the police (or the Snow Trac man) could have a parallel issue like Jack did, having been there in the past…

Second story line is Danny and the teenage son of the Snow Trac guy bond and Danny is able to share his nightmares/visions (or the son inherently has similar gifts as Danny and Dick). The teenage son decides he has to try and save his father by driving up to the Overlook in a Snow Trac with a huge plow on the front (this will come in handy when he/Danny/someone has to plow through/uproot part of the maze near the end…this is a part of the ending where Danny, who comes with him, finds Jack frozen) …

The two story lines meet when the boys arrive and try and save the men. Maybe when the boys arrive the possessed person, the person the hotel/burial ground, wants most is actually the teenager and he becomes the killer (where as when the men first arrive the hotel just is scaring them and not necessarily attacking them physically).

I have specific scenes I have thought about:

Opening scene: is a dream sequence that the audience is unaware of at first. Pitch darkness, Wendy and Danny are in the Snow Trac coming down the mountain. The Trac is running low on fuel, Wendy has to stop and fill the tank with portable gas that is secured to the outside rear of the Trac. We can see a shadow of Jack limping through the snow towards the dimly lit Trac in the blizzard with Wendy on the outside filling the tank, he gets closer and closer and swings the axe and bam Danny wakes up on the front seat as Wendy climbs back in after successfully re-fueling…

A snowed in small mountain town, thinking Sheriff and office almost similar to the bare, basic office/jail in No Country for Old Men/Andy Griffith Show…. meet the cops. Meet the Snow Trac owner who confirms Dick rented and set out with Trac…etc.

For the hotel maybe link in that wonderful doc, Room 237, and play with the actual hotel shifting and living and breathing, I have always been fascinated with inanimate objects having a life after reading Tom Robbins Skinny Legs and All….

Fragments about ending/final scene: the someone uses the Trac with the plow to allow the surviving man/men to escape the maze, maybe even killing the possessed person in the process…movie ends with Danny standing in front of a pile of snow in a corner of the maze, the teen or the surviving adult slowly walks up and wipes away the snow to quickly show just Jacks open eyes filling the screen with severely ominous/scary/ jumpy music/sound.

So, I'm just putting this here just to have it out in the's mainly tied to the movie at this time (I haven't read the book in almost 25 years and will again as soon as I am done with this Antony Beevor book on the Ardennes 1944) I will come back and add to this in more detail...
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