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  1. Tery

    Discussion: The Upper Berth by F. Marion Crawford

    I first read this one when I was but an eighth-grader. My Bestie at the time read it and recommended it to me. We both loved the weird and creepy, which this story is. Crawford builds nicely to the tale within a story. Like SK, he places the bizarre into a mundane place. I can picture the small...
  2. Paulo Miranda

    First Time on this Message Board

    Hi to everyone! I've been an admirer of Stephen King's books since 1989, had read almost all of his romances and short stories - for me his short stories and "novellas" are the best! First time here in this message board - I've just signed in yesterday. I'm a filmmaker, since 2003 I want to...
  3. B

    All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

    What is your take on this short story? What does it mean to you? How did you feel after reading it? (No, I am not a student writing a report. Just Curious.)
  4. skiptomylou

    Open Resource Works for College Instruction

    Good afternoon. I am a Literature Instructor (college) and long-time SK fan. Does anyone have information concerning whether any SK works can be found open resource on the web? I would love to integrate a work (short story or novella) into my course; however, textbooks are already quite...
  5. Miscolo

    Dollar Baby Form

    Hi folks, Does anyone know if the Dollar Baby rights are given on merit, i.e., do I have to pitch myself in the form, or do I simply ask? I'm a filmmaker and would love to make an attempt at one of the stories. Thanks
  6. M

    Debut Author Inspired by Mr. King's Work

    Hi All, My name is M.J and I am new to this thread but am looking forward to connecting with those, like myself, who enjoy Mr. King's amazing work. My favorite Stephen King novel is definitely DreamCatcher; it's a novel that sparked my interest in writing at a young age. I wanted to share the...
  7. Natalik

    Greetings from Jerusalem <3

    Hello all from the land of The Holy Ghost! I'm Natalie, a 31 y/o unconventional lit teacher from Israel :) I have returned to King recently and recalled what a smasterful storyteller he is, "the real thing", and a great inspiration. I am currently fishing for a recommendation on a brilliant...