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  1. T

    Question from Aspiring horror writer.

    Hello, I have a collection of random thoughts that I would like to make into a novel or script. I am afraid if I release these thoughts people will think I am a crazy person. Any advice from people that have dealt with this in their life? Thanks, J
  2. Christine62

    About Writing

    I thought I would start a thread about writing since Mr. King is so generous about educating us about his process. I was listening to a talk of his where he was speaking to writing students and he said, "Listen, you have to look." He was talking about that fly on the wall quality that all great...
  3. J

    Veterans Day And Stephen King

    I joined the Navy back in 1976, and was stationed onboard the USS Jacksonville (A fast attack submarine) from 1978-1982. Our ships library was a rag tag assortment of books people would bring aboard for our little community of 120 men to read. The 3 Stephen King books onboard were our...
  4. melmo672

    M.J. Moore Fiction.

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for welcoming me so warmly to the forum! Sorry I've been so slow to post but we've only just passed cold/flu season in this part of the world and, as usual, it hit me hard. Anyway, just thought I'd get in a shameless plug for my own writing. I'm largely a horror writer...
  5. meandmysarcasm

    Dissertation Writing

    Hey there :D I'm a student in England who is planning to write my dissertation for my American Studies degree on the use of gothic and the role of writers in Stephen King's works. Ii plan on focussing on the novels/short stories that are centered on writers, such as 'Salem's Lot, Misery, The...
  6. melmo672

    Mel from Melbourne here.

    Hey everybody. I'm a writer and mum from Melbourne. My gateway King book was Pet Sematary, which I read when I was twelve, and I loved it. My favourite King book? That's a toss-up between Full Dark, No Stars and Cell. I read pretty much anything as long as it's good, and my other favourite books...