2013 Vs 1976 Comparison

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Nov 15, 2010
Recently I watched the 2013 remake for the first time, and I must admit, it was good! Special Effects were great, most of the acting was good, and they added things to update this SK Milestone!
As for the '76 original, I saw part of it on TV immediately after I finished watching the 2013 one (IT'S A SIGN!!!), and prefer the remake. What are your thoughts?


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Nov 8, 2013
Mansfield, Massachusetts
I thought the original was a superior rendition. Chloe Grace Mortez is a great actress, but she could not hold a candle to Sissy Spacek's performance, especially in the shower scene. I did enjoy seeing more telekinesis and seeing Carrie's birth though. Julianne Moore did great, as usual, but I prefer Piper Laurie's performance more. I think that is because I thought Laurie's version of Margaret White was more terrifying - there was not an once of motherly love in her, whereas Moore's version did have some compassion, albeit not much.


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Oct 12, 2012
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As far as Carrie goes, I prefer the original but enjoyed the remake. I thought Moretz and Moore did very well in their respective roles. But I found the supporting cast to be lack-luster and in some cases just miscast in general. Especially in the case of Sue Snell.

*Slight Spoilers*

As for the story line, I liked the small modern touches that were added in to the movie like the addition of humiliating Carrie by recording her and exposing her for all the world [wide web] to see. And while it is hard to top the crazed insanity of Piper Laurie, I appreciated the touch of realism Moore possessed as the new Mrs. White with her new found love of pain. I also appreciated the additions from the book that were never included in the original, like the falling boulders for instance. And the very first scene.. yikes, what a way to begin.

I did enjoy the movie but I would credit the original movie as the better version overall with the remake having a more satisfying ending.
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Apr 14, 2014
First I saw the remake (I like Chloe Moretz) and then the original and I prefer the remake... Even if it's not the same epic, I think that it repects the book more than the original... But for both I'm disappointed because Carrie doesn't destroy all the "city", village... And I hate the end...

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Jul 22, 2013
I didn't haven't any interest at all in seeing the remake as soon as I saw the commercial where they were trying to pass off Miss Teen USA as Carrie White, a lonely, unpopular outcast who gets picked on by everyone. ;;D Just kidding...but not really. I thought, "This is the girl who looks like she should be picking on Carrie White". Just figured I could never buy into it after that, so I didn't bother watching. If it's on TV I will watch it.


The remake was decent but I was HUGELY disappointed. During production they said this film was going to be a replica of the novel itself. The end result was nothing like the novel and more of a remake of the 76 version. Examples include, Sue showing up at the prom (not in the book), Tommy asking Carrie to the prom at her house (Not in the book) the mothers death by knives (not in the book) Miss Desjardin confronting Sue and Tommy (not in the book) ...And there are a few others. Also the relationship between Carrie and her mother in the remake was NOTHING like the novel; however I can appreciate the spin they put on it. The 2002 version follows the novel most closely but the only film to get the relationship between Carrie and her mother somewhat right was the 76 version. I may have more to say about this, in which case Ill post later. But here are my scores. Carrie 76 : 10/10 Carrie 2002 : 7/10 Carrie 2013 : 8/10