2013 Vs 1976 Comparison

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Hill lover35

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Jan 8, 2017
Alberta canada
I think the remake is closer to the book. I don't know if that makes it better.
They had the rocks falling from the sky and also explained her powers a bit more, her mom was a bit more sympathetic to the viewer but not as intense as the original Carrie. Neither movie explained her moms motivation or why she was nuts, or why she viewed carrie as the devils child.


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Apr 9, 2018
I agree KFF. For instance, I love Kubrick's 'Shining,' not too sure if I'd enjoy Mr. King's TV adaptation quite the same...
the tv adaptation was great! a lot of ppl like the stanley kurbricks version better but when i read the book i preferred the other because it was more like the book. i LOVE jack Nicholson though. but if your looking for something that is close to the book the tv version is it


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Apr 9, 2018
i loved all three Carries. i cant really pick which one is my favorite. each one brings something different. all in all, and awesome book and movie. i feel so bad for carrie and her mother omg she had whichever ending you pick coming to her.


Human Magpie
Apr 30, 2015
The Netherlands
The original cannot be beaten. Period (no pun intended, lol).

As for the remake, it's just a watered down version of the original. It's not as intense, or as real. Plus I don't like the actress they picked for Carrie. Come on, she actually looks like she should be one of the bullies instead. I know, the reason bullies pick on you isn't always about looks (hey, I know, I got bullied before I got fat, just because I was weird, when I got fat they just had another reason), but this just isn't believable. To me. I'm not saying Carrie should be ugly at all, but this is what makes the '76 version so perfect. Sissy was actually very beautiful, but she just isn't the type to be in the "in-crowd", looks-wise.

However, there is one big difference between the two versions (I can't remember what they did in the 2002 version) that I do like. In the remake Carrie is very much aware of her powers, and she deliberately uses them to get them back. In the original, she barely knew how to handle it, and she just lost control at that point. The reason why I like this new approach, is that it gives her the dignity she deserves. There's none of that in the original, all you can do is feel incredibly sad for her.

But I really like the prom scene better for visual effects and their conveyance of Carrie's perverse supernatural power, and I like better how the Snell character pays for her evil selfishness.
Please excuse me for bumping up an old(er) post like this, but I fail to see how she was selfish, let alone evil. Not saying you are wrong, quite on the contrary. I haven't read the book yet, so I was just wondering if I missed an essential detail. Because to me, Sue seemed to be the only character (apart from the gym teacher) who genuinely cared about Carrie, eventually. Okay, she probably also did it to ease her own conscience, but I honestly don't believe that's all.


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Aug 24, 2006
Lodi, CA
I wasn't thrilled with the new version. They didn't really add anything new to it, and a lot of it felt like your average contemporary horror film. Something about the tone of an old-school film (especially a DePalma film) really adds to the experience. The film grain, the dated styles, the score. Just takes you back to another time.

I want somebody to properly ADAPT the book!

1) Treat it partially as a quasi-documentary, using interviews and other footage (along with flashbacks) to tell the story. That is part of what makes the book a great read and could give the movie a "true story" feel. Interviewing characters after the fact, as if it really could have happened, would have been cool.

2) Nobody has done the ending! After the prom fiasco, her terrorizing of the town is one of the best parts and would be very exciting on the big screen; power lines falling over, structures exploding, more casualties of Carrie's war.
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