20th Anniversary Edition

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Spaceman Spiff

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Sep 14, 2009
St Petersburg, Florida
According to an Instagram post yesterday by Joe Hill, there is apparently a 20th Anniversary edition of "On Writing" being released. (In his post he said he believed it was being released yesterday, but I think most new books are released on Tuesdays). Just wondering if there will be a hardcover version of this edition?
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Ms. Mod
Jul 10, 2006
Ms M. do you know what if any extra material there is in this Anniversary edition?
I haven't seen a copy of the actual book so don't have full details but looks like Owen and Joe have contributed essays. I could be wrong, but don't think that Steve contributed any new material. It would be great if they removed the reference to sending in a copy of the writing exercise but I'm not overly optimistic about that.

Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
I received my 20th anniversary edition. It's nice to have some additional material, but unless you're a big fan or a completist, it's not absolutely essential new stuff, in my opinion. Of course, most of us here are big fans and completists, so...
I'll pick one up for sure. If I could have any book signed by SK, it would be my beat up copy of On Writing.

Hill lover35

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Jan 8, 2017
Alberta canada
Ms M. do you know what if any extra material there is in this Anniversary edition?

i got the audio book as i whanted to see what the new parts were and to have it finally on audio so i can listen to it when i am restless as i find his voice very comforting, and the new content by jo hill and owen are stuff we have already read or seen. owen's peice was the article he wrote about when king hired him and his other kids to tape record books on tape and Joe hills was his converstion with king while joe was on tour for full throttle