An interesting find...

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Sep 25, 2015
Okay, thanks for keeping an eye on me. Your methodology of handling spoilers is a bit fancier and stricter than what I've dealt with before. I can tell that I need to be way more careful from now on. Feel free to give me a smack on the wrist whenever!
Umm... so if you have a moment can you point me to a how to "spoiler" hide a pic? If it's the same process as just highlighting the text and using the "spoiler" function I think I've got it. I just suppose that I need to be way more strict on myself, normally I do fairly well at non spoilages.:blush:
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Apr 11, 2006
New Zealand
Using spoilers for images is the same process as for text. (& DJ was just putting the image in a spoiler because it was fairly large, for ease of scrolling through the thread... you weren't in trouble. :biggrin2: )

You can either type in the coding yourself by typing:
[ spoiler ] the words you want hidden followed by [ /spoiler ]
(remove spaces between brackets and text)

Or highlight the words you want hidden click the insert button
, and select Spoiler.



Jun 23, 2007
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I'm not sure if this is an interesting find or a red herring, but I'm too lazy to follow up. I have been recently re-reading the DT series and came across a drawing of an eye in the text, one or two novels back (sigul of the Crimson King). When I looked at the eye it struck me as familiar and I wondered if the eye was a simple monochrome drawing reduced from a real photograph. The photo that sprang to mind was that one of sai King making the crazy eyes. He may have had a thick beard in that one. Maybe someone else already made that connection if it exists. I'm going to pretend that's exactly what it was. :)
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