Any clue why this one is so hard to come by?

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Jul 11, 2006
Spokane, WA
Yup! The copy I bought today has a Hard Case Crime Book Club insert attached to the middle of the book. My other copy doesn't have this, I'm almost certain.
Both of mine have that insert. It reminds me of the cigarette adverts that used to be in the middle of paperbacks way back in the day.


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May 11, 2018
I got back into reading King recently after years of not reading him, so I never bought a copy of The Colorado Kid. When I started to collect his works again so that I could read or re-read everything, I figured I'd find this one in a book store the same way I see Joyland everywhere (and have now bought a copy). But not a single book store in my immediate area carries it. Not even the second hand ones. The second hand ones have marked it as "rare" and I can't even order it online through my local chain.

Amazon wants, minimally, $35 for it, a thin book that retails for eight bucks. What on earth is going on with that?
Has a lot to due with the popularity of the series Haven, which is based on the book . . .
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