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Big Driver to be a Lifetime Movie....

Discussion in 'Big Driver' started by SutterKane, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Bev Vincent

    Bev Vincent Well-Known Member

  2. Bev Vincent

    Bev Vincent Well-Known Member

    I edited it after you saw it.
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  3. misery chastain loves co.

    misery chastain loves co. MORE Count Chocula please.....

    I loved this story in FDNS and am really looking forward to it. Mario Bello is a fantastic choice because she can be both vulnerable and a badass. I never thought I would utter these words but I can't wait to see a movie on Lifetime!
    (full disclosure: I recently watched The Unauthorized Story of Saved By the Bell and The Brittany Murphy Story :a11:)
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  4. Bev Vincent

    Bev Vincent Well-Known Member

    I saw this today thanks to a preview screener from Lifetime. Whoa. No punches pulled here. Parts of the first half hour are very hard to watch.

    It's very faithful to the novella, although some things are shifted around and some extended scenes in the text are tightened up. It's very much a one-woman show -- Bello is in every second of it. Olympia Dukakis is pretty funny as the personification of one of Tess's characters.

    This was filmed in and around Halifax, NS. I'm pretty sure I recognized buildings from the Dalhousie University campus (my alma mater) early in the film.
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  5. Spideyman

    Spideyman Uber Member

    Have the date circled. Sound like a winner.
  6. doowopgirl

    doowopgirl very avid fan

    I just watched Big Driver. I thought it was very well done. One of my favorite TV adaptations. There was obviously money spent on the production. Good casting. Well acted. The grahic bits were noy overdone. Excellent in that the mood of the story was true to the book. My husband hadn't read the book, so had no expectations and throughly enjoyed it. Well done!
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  7. mustangclaire

    mustangclaire There's petrol runnin' through my veins.

    I saw this too. Really REALLY good. The tension was ramped up nicely as he turned up to "fix her tire".... Great production.
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  8. Haunted

    Haunted This is my favorite place

    We just viewed this this afternoon. Wow Wow Wow. I thought a very good adaption of Mr. King's story. Was a little distressed with the
    interacting GPS and I guess the appearance of the Knitting Society, which was not part of the original story, worked well enough.
  9. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    Actually these elements were in the original story (I think!) - I just reread Big Driver this past summer and I am pretty sure

    her GPS talked to her plus she heard the voice of her characters in her head as well.

    It was a really good show - I have it on my DVR so Andy can watch it when he gets back from up North at Christmas.
  10. Haunted

    Haunted This is my favorite place

    Dang...I am going to have to do a re-read; maybe the words generated a different atmosphere for me.:icon_eek:
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  11. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    That's right,
    she had a Tom-Tom GPS and I (vaguely) remember the Knitting Society.
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  12. doowopgirl

    doowopgirl very avid fan

    Loved it, loved it, loved it!
  13. OldDarth

    OldDarth Well-Known Member

    Well done adaptation. Matheson has definitely inherited his father's ability to adapt written material to the screen.

    The big difference between this and A Good Marriage is that Big Driver has a director that knows how to stage shots for maximum tension and impact. Comparing these two movies provides a text book case of illustrating how much impact a director can have on an actor's performance. Joan Allen and Maria Bello both gave great performances but one had a director that understood how to best shoot the film to support their performances.

    Doreen and TomTom were used excellently to give the viewers a glimpse into Tess's thought processes as a person and as a writer that has to deal with media as it exists today.

    A nifty little film.

    LEELEEBG Well-Known Member

    Loved it can't wait for the dvd to come out I've made a space for it in my Stephen King movie library already.
  15. DaveJessop

    DaveJessop Well-Known Member

    I watched it last week and was surprised a TV Movie captured the brutality of the story perfectly

    BTW- does anyone know who did the voice of "Tom" (the GPS)? - not listed on IMDB
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  16. M&P15

    M&P15 Deleted User

    Not bad. I thought Ramona was miscast. Looking for someone who more resembled Janet Napolitano.
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  17. OKKingFan

    OKKingFan Well-Known Member

    I thought it was a good adaptation as well. I think it would probably be better if I had not read the short story, though, and knew what was going to happen.
    Maria Bello was perfect for her role, and whoever played Big Driver was about exactly as I pictured him when reading the story. Pretty solid effort for a made for TV movie.
    There have been much worse movies based on King books that were shown in theaters, that's for sure.
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  18. Debbie913

    Debbie913 Well-Known Member

    I have yet to see this. I really want to! It was on TV like three times and I couldn't remember even once.:a11: I'll need a DVD for my SK movie/TV adaptation collection anyway, so I should look for a copy to buy, I think. :)
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  19. danie

    danie I am whatever you say I am.

    I thought it was done very well. I love Maria Bello.
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  20. Dana Jean

    Dana Jean Dirty Pirate Hooker Moderator

    Mario Bello was fantastic.
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