Big Driver to be a Lifetime Movie....

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Jul 17, 2016
Oooooh watching this one now, or trying to, rather. (I read the story in FD/NS.)

Maria Bello is REALLY selling it, to the point that I had to fast forward through a good chunk of the first part of the film. It doesn't help that my nephew is a dead-ringer for 'Big Driver'....couple this with me having five sisters and being a feminist, and it becomes a tough watch. I've gotta say, as well, that this has been surprisingly well-done thus far. Certainly much better than 85% of the tripe flowing out of Hollywood in recent years.
Here's looking forward to the SWEET comeuppance, though; the vile creatures being eliminated - YAY!

OK, back to the film, but don't DARE tell any of my friends that I'm watching/enjoying a 'Lifetime movie'! :very_drunk:
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