Bought anything cool recently?

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The idiot is IN
Jun 15, 2007
Cambridge, Ohio
I bought a really nice dress at Value Village, don't think it has ever been worn. It is a sundress, full length, sleeveless with the top part of it crocheted in solid black
and the rest of the dress is a smoky gray with black through it. Price 12.00 (the price on the price tag from the store it was bought at was $69.00)
...the smoky gray is just soot from the brush fires.....:biggrin2:


Well-Known Member
Jul 11, 2010
North Dakota
Bought a really pretty piece of pottery at the thrift store for my mom for $2.00. Thought I recognized the stamp on the bottom and googled it when I got home. It was made by one of the most renowned pottery artists in the state and similar pieces are currently selling for around $50+. This one was dated almost 20 years ago, so maybe is worth even more (and is in perfect condition). I was so blessed to find it for her. :smile2:
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