Brodart Jacket Covers

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Mar 12, 2010
Do these work on paperbacks? Or are these just for dust jackets? And if they don't work for paperbacks, how do you protect your paperbacks? Thanks.

Brodart makes something called adjustable slip-covers for soft cover books (and hardback books without jackets). I can't tell for sure but I think you order them by the vertical size of the book. I'm also not sure how they can be adjustable... I can't tell if the pocket is factory sealed at the edges. One reviewer said they don't work for paperbacks with wide spines (like some of SK's tombs lol).

I've covered paperback covers with clear contact shelving paper - to strengthen the cover and keep the cover from tearing at the score fold and prevent corners from fraying. Don't use contact paper on collectables or covers you might wish to scan. Its tricky... practice on a paperback you don't care about. There are a few tutorials online - google how to cover paperbacks with contact paper.

Or... You could just copy the cover and put the copy (or cute wrapping paper) in a normal jacket cover.