Can You Write A Horror Story In Two Sentences?

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Dressing the Gothic interval in tritones
Jul 1, 2009
The vendor deliberately left the drink machine unrepaired in the break room that stole everyone's money until it finally read enough electronic ID strips in the dollars to gain self-awareness. Then it ate him the next time he opened the door to replace the bottles.

Arkay Lynchpin

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Dec 4, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Here I am again, before the board, proffering my story of penitence to reduce my sentence (just as my good buddy Bob Ravitz taught) with enough lucid and resonant words to trim my days by that number—if, of course, they like it.

I’ve dropped my time here by 7,952,322 days since my sentencing on December 23 and, I s**t you not, every one of the board cried laughing after the current 27,684 words I submitted—by next week, when I get out, there’ll be a lot more three year olds than there were back in ’94.
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