Castle Rock - Series

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Alexandra M

Well-Known Member
Mar 12, 2015
Kelowna, B. C., Canada
yeh it looks good. i am in alberta and its 8:pm it looks good. how is your air quality in bc. it is so bizzare today, very orange
Really late answering this (sorry). Air is so thick with wildfire smoke, worst in 20 years they say. B.C. declared a State of Emergency at 8am this morning. Over 600 fires. I know what you mean about the sky, when the sun came up here this morning it was bright red, never saw that before.


Well-Known Member
Apr 4, 2018
is this the stand? you are talking about? i thought it was half decent? but then again i have not seen it, only parts of it
The old Salem's Lot miniseries. I liked him as Nick but Rob Lowe also starred in a more recent Salem's Lot miniseries in 2004. I haven't seen it so I can't say much about it.

Salem's Lot (TV Series 2004– ) - IMDb
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