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Cell - The Movie

Discussion in 'Cell' started by Bev Vincent, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Bev Vincent

    Bev Vincent Well-Known Member

    Looks like a phoner to me.
  2. blunthead

    blunthead Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming hypothetically that the reason King appears third under Cusack and Jackson in IMDb.com's list of actors has to do with his having just one name. For instance, if Cantinflas were also in the movie he'd be listed above King alphabetically (though the rest aren't listed alphabetically. It's just an hypothesis). As for concerns that his presence will detract, I trust the filmmakers to cast parts wisely. Besides, you never know how someone might impress. You might really like the contribution he makes, which, as a "phoner" I expect will be brief indeed.
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  3. Lina

    Lina Committed member

    I haven't gotten the hints:sad:I think I was too young to get them back then, I read the book when I was about 14 or 15, and it was in Russian, so, probably, some of these hints were just lost when translated. I still can't find the book in the original here, saw it once, but didn't buy it for ome reason, and now I can't find it...

    They are going to release the movie this year, aren't they? I am sooo looking forward to it!
    kingricefan, blunthead and Neesy like this.

    Jackson as McCourt?? Not the first person I'd pick as MacCourt is supposed to be a fine built GAY guy.(Nothing against gays , I myself am proudly Lesbian) Jackson hardly fits that profile.. And changing the character to being a former soldier what is with that??

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  5. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    It's already done. Steve told me a couple days ago he had seen the rough cut and was pleased with how it's turned out
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  6. Angelo Bottigliero

    Angelo Bottigliero Well-Known Member

    Yes! Now we just have to wait untill it's on the screen :)
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  7. Well as long as the man himself is pleased . Thats what counts the most.... I myself will hall buns to go and see it when it comes out..... I cant wait.:drool:

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  8. fushingfeef

    fushingfeef Uber-in-waiting

    I'm planning to see this movie on release date, has one been announced yet?
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  9. Bev Vincent

    Bev Vincent Well-Known Member

    From his Buzzfeed interview:

    Now that Cell, adapted from King’s zombie novel, has wrapped, he teased what he could about the film. “The movie is not totally close to the original screenplay that I wrote,” he said. “But I’ll tell you what, the end of it is so goddamn dark and scary. It’s really kind of a benchmark there.”
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  10. ClaireB76

    ClaireB76 Life is a state of mind

    Do we know a release date for the movie yet? Really looking forward to it! Like so many others have said John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson are excellent actors, and I think they'll do a great job :)
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  11. xkittyx

    xkittyx Unfound

    :jammin: I'm excited! Definitely will be trying to see it in theaters. Not often I get out to one of those... ;;D
  12. Terry B

    Terry B Well-Known Member

    I'm bringing this back to the forefront. Has there been a release date set yet? IMDB only says 2014.
  13. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    Steve had told me a month or so ago but darned if I can remember for sure if it's October 2014 or January 2015. I'm thinking the latter but afraid I may have it mixed up with something else.
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  14. kingricefan

    kingricefan All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.

    Haven't seen any type of ads for this on TV or when I went to the movies a couple of weeks ago, so probably going to be tossed into the january slush pile of so-so films. Not saying it won't be a good movie, but January is usually the time that studios use for their 'lesser' films. The recent remake of Carrie was originally set for January but 'they' held it until October, hoping to cash in on the Halloween horror movie cash cow.
  15. steven capuano

    steven capuano New Member

    Well, see that's why it took so long to make. Stephen King wanted to make the movie almost exactly like the book and couldn't find someone to direct it that wouldn't change the story line from what he wanted. Now apparently he has.
    I only know because I read an article about it after I read the book and was wondering if he made a movie for it. So I have to expect this movie to be just as great as the book.
  16. Cristian M

    Cristian M Well-Known Member

    If they delay the movie enough, by the time they finish it, the world will look worse than what the Cell book depicted. I see an epidemic around me: more and more people are hooked to their smartphones , oblivious to reality around them. The effect on brain awareness is devastating, they will no longer be able to separate fantasy from facts.
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  17. dejolane

    dejolane Well-Known Member

    I can't wait till Cell comes out.
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  18. skimom2

    skimom2 Just moseyin' through...

    Starting to look like a direct to DVD thingy? Any news on this one?
  19. Boni

    Boni Well-Known Member

    I was thinking October because of Halloween, but Imdb now says 2016, so who knows...
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  20. Dana Jean

    Dana Jean Dirty Pirate Hooker Moderator

    Is this you in that picture? You look like Ashton Kutcher.
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