Difference in the Bachman Books!

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Original Kiwi© SKMB®
Apr 11, 2006
New Zealand
I OWN an OLD hardback copy of THE BACHMAN BOOKS, my PROBLEM is, there are only FOUR STORIES in the book, NOT SEVEN! THE RUNNING MAN, RAGE, ROADWORK, & THE LONG WALK are all there, but not the other THREE, why is that? Can anyone PLEASE tell me? :)
The 1985 hardcover release did only have four stories in it. The Bachman Books


Well-Known Member
Nov 25, 2015
Pretty late to the game here, but really, all you had to do was check release dates. The Bachman Books was released in 1985. Thinner was still a new release; no way it's getting packaged in a collection. The others? Not published. Not to be published for years to come.

It's...not really hard to find that information...
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