Discussion 20: The Doctor's Case

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The idiot is IN
Jun 15, 2007
Cambridge, Ohio
....dear lord, I had completely forgotten this entry......for shame GNT, for shame!!!....especially with me having read so many of Holmes's triumphs over the years, and the friendship with the good Doctor....it was a well managed tale in the Doyle mold.....

Bev Vincent

Well-Known Member
Apr 11, 2006
Just wondering if the film version of this ever saw the light of day? it seems to be finished but so far it hasn't surfaced for general release.

i saw it at Northern Fancon this year, at a Dollar Baby Film Festival -- it's really quite good, and it features Denise Crosby (original Pet Sematary) and the guy who played the cigarette-smoking man from the X-Files in the wrapping story. The cinematography is fantastic.
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