Discussion 23: The Beggar and the Diamond / Brooklyn August / Thoughts on N&D

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Marty Coslaw

Low-BDNF Gork
May 19, 2018
In trying to come up with my favorites in this collection and comparing with the others I've read, I was surprised to find N&D might be the collection I've liked best. It just barely had the highest number of my favorite stories, even taking into account how fresh they are in my mind. So far I've read Skeleton's Crew, Night Shift, and Everything's Eventual. I give extra credit to Night Shift for "Last Rung on the Ladder," but there are just so many good ones in Nightmares. One thing I do like better about the others is the format of having an intro before each story. But I thoroughly enjoyed the notes at the end in this one.

Favorites: Suffer the Little Children, Night Flier, Popsy, Chattery Teeth, Moving Finger, You Know They Got a Hell of a Band, Rainy Season, Ten o' Clock People, Crouch End and Umney's Last Case. If I had to pick: Chattery Teeth.
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