Discussion #4: “THE NIGHT FLIER”

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Dec 5, 2011
Welcome. Tonight we will discuss “The Night Flier,” a sort of companion piece to the next story in the collection, “Popsy.”

This was my first time reading this story. It was cool seeing Richard Dees again, and his character (the way he thinks of his readers) made me chuckle a couple of times.

I thought this story was fine. I think it was in the introduction to Just After Sunset where King said he went through a period in the ‘80s and ‘90s when he struggled to write short fiction; everything wanted to be a novel. God, I can tell it with this one. Maybe it was just me, but this story felt endless at times. It’s written well.... just, long. And it lost a bit of its potential punch because of that.

What say you?


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Sep 25, 2011
Love this story. It’s always the first one I read when I read thru Nightmares and Dreamscapes.The whole story, start to finish, is just brilliant. It’s very hard to stop reading it once you start. I think it’s Mr. King hitting on all cylinders as as a short story writer and it still ranks as one of of my all time favorite short stories from our favorite author.
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