Episode 1: "The Rabbit Hole"

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Jan 3, 2010
In your mirror.
Beveeee from the levee! (Seems like ole Bevs picked up some religious thoughts from her old man.)

I don't understand what you're saying here.
I liked the Derryness about Holden (Manchen's sporting goods yall)


Annette O'Toole played

Bevee from the levee-from It. Grown-up Beverly Marsh

and Edna Price in The Killing Floor episode.

Sorry. I make weird connections. :)
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Mar 1, 2016
I signed up for Hulu last night just so I could watch this and I'm really glad I did! I really liked it! I'm not a person who gets upset about differences from the book as long as they help move things along (which is usually why they make changes, along with budget reasons). But even if those things are really important to you, I think they absolutely nailed a lot of things perfectly. I can't wait to see what happens next even though I've read the book twice, so that's great television!

Don't forget that Hulu has a week free promotion going. For the thrifty (and patient), just wait until they post the last episode, then sign up and binge it all. I signed up for the first episode 'cause I just couldn't wait. I'll get my lady to sign up for us later to watch the rest.
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Mar 2, 2016
Where the portal step? Where is the excitement before a step in the unfathomable and mysterious? Where hesitant step into the abyss of the past? The author's idea cupping. And it replaced the primitive focus. The false appearance of false Franco. It lacked only smoke and confetti.


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Aug 7, 2009
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We just watched the first episode and LOVED it. Can't wait for more. UTD started out good and went downhill, but this has such a good feel. Hope it continues.
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Jul 5, 2016
Hmmm...so you have a lot of hate then?? I'm sure you didn't have to purchase Hulu...nobody is forcing you to watch it. Personal choice my friend. :smile2: And I am more than aware of the original story, thank you, but for me personally none of the changes appear detrimental to the story so far. We're all entitled to our opinions, I'm quite happy with what I've seen, whereas you're disappointed...c'est la vie.

PS; It's only the first episode...maybe you'll witness Jake enjoy his root beer in episode two. :wink2:

I'm not mad that I had to pay for it; what I am mad about is the total bastardization of the book. They took a great book, chopped it into little pieces and just threw it on the screen. Someone who has never read the book and has seen only the miniseries, probably wonders what the big deal about the book was. Well, the miniseries is NOT the book, in any way, shape or form. Buy the book, skip the series and hope someday, before you die, they will do a true-to-the-book series that faithfully recreates the book.