Finding the Fossil - A Writer's First Attempt

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Dana Jean

Dirty Pirate Hooker, The Return
Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
Hi All (hopefully Stephen King included),

I am writing this in response to the assignment Mr. King provides us in "On Writing." Given its been nearly two decades since this request was first published, the likelihood of it crossing Mr. King's path is highly improbable, however, I would be happy if any one perusing these messages boards had any feedback.

Keep in mind this is my first real foray into writing (I am choosing to exclude the youthful and misguided fanfiction I wrote in high school many years ago) so be gentle on my delicate ego :p

Here is the link to the short story (based on the forum rules, I do not believe we are able to directly post the composition) :

Hi Jenna! Stephen is no longer accepting these assignments, but since you have linked a blog, I will move your post to self promotion.