Happy Birthday Stephen King-- (Sept 21st)

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Jun 23, 2007
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Sung to the tune of "I've Been Everywhere"

I was reading me a book about a vampire down in Salems' Lot
when a man he sat beside me and he said "What's that there thing you got?"
"It's a book by Stephen King, and on his stories I get caught.
You know I read him when I can". He said "What makes him so damn hot?"
Well I marked my book and set it down and told him this here thing...
"The man writes a damn good story Jack, and I read Stephen King!"

I read Stephen King, man.
I read Stephen King, man.
In the bed and on the bus, man.
Sometimes when I'm on the can.
That writer is my Maine man.
I read Stephen King!

I read Cujo, Carrie, Desperation, Misery
Tommyknockers, Regulators,...(and so on and so forth)...

Happy Birthday Mr. King!!!
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