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Apr 22, 2013
I was so excited to find this website. Im a huge fan of Stephen Kings work and own all but three of his most recently released books,

I just finished reading Danse macabre and I have to say, as a writer I cant express how helpful this book is. If you are a writer who specializes in horror fiction you need to read this book. In Danse Macabre Stephen King explains the science behind his craft. He teaches you how to identify societies ever changing "phobic pressure points" which is the key to writing a story that will fascinate and terrify the reader.

When I started my last book I remember asking myself "how can I hope to scare people when I live in a society where kids find enjoyment by going online to watch ISIS behead people?" Then I read Danse Macabre and my doubts faded away. The fact that Danse Macabre was written in 1981 doesn't matter because the principles it teaches still apply today. While we live in a world where people are becoming rapidly desensitized, its vital as a horror writer to understand the social psychology behind what scares us.

Danse Macabre didn't receive a lot of fan fare because its not a Horror novel, which is what most people expect when they pick up a Stephen King book. Instead, reading it is like sitting down with Stephen King and having him take you under his wing.

So if you are a writer and can Danse Macabre, pick it up.

Hi, Eric. Great people on here and there is always something fun, informative, and cool to read. Have fun!


Deleted User
Feb 23, 2015
Years ago a roomate had this book and I flipped through it. Perhaps I'll go back and read it now . It looks like a treatise on what makes Mr King tick.
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