How did Roland get Horn of Eld?

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May 24, 2012
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Hi everyone. Just a question. It's been years since I finished reading the series so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I'm reading a lot about Roland "getting it right" the next time around -after the books- because he now has the Horn of Eld. My question is how did he get the horn? When book 7 ended Roland ended up in the beginning of book 1-"The man in black fled across the desert..." The battle of Jericho Hill, where Roland left the horn, took place BEFORE this time. Before Book 1. So, how and when did he get the horn "the next cycle around" if the next cycle begins after the Battle of Jericho Hill? Shouldn't he have started the cycle at Jericho Hill for him to grab the horn? Again, it's been years since I finished the series so am I forgetting something?
Thanks in advance!

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Aug 3, 2017
My theory is that Roland "steps into" himself at a certain point in his next cycle, but that Roland's history is different than the Roland we know through the books thus far. This is Roland 2.0 (or 19.0, if you like)--a somewhat better Roland than Roland version 1.0 (or 18). New Roland was able to lower his eyes from the prize long enough to pick up the horn. So, New Roland is already slightly better armed to handle things from this point forward, and his journey will undoubtedly be different. Slightly, at least. Does that make sense?
Finally got to my book tonight :) Okay, so I was right on the last bit: when Roland stepped out into the desert for what we hope is the last spin of Ka's wheel he has the horn with him, in his gunna. He reflects that he picked it up after Jericho Hill. So things have changed at this spin.
Thanks so much skimom! I was gonna check in my book tonight when I finally got home but now I don't have to . So, I suppose, Roland was granted the horn this turn around by Gan/the tower/ he actually picked it up prior to the desert in this new reality as a "reward" for getting things almost indication that he did somethings "right" through the books and, indeed, the next time around may be different. Interesting though how Roland "getting things right" results in fate/Gan making the decision for his reality to have already picked up the horn...since it occurred before the Gan has altered his reality before the starting point of his next cycle. Thanks again!
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