How's The Weather?

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#1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side
May 24, 2012
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
temps in the 40s today. it feels like a heat wave! as the song has it. spent some time in the back yard throwing snow around, trying to get it to melt. the definition of insanity is moving snow when snow need not be moved, taking it from where one piled it over the winter and now tossing it into and onto areas void of snow, areas you kept clear so you could move. i put a pile of it--blew it actually--onto the garden area. there is a mound of snow where the garden will go...'bout a month from now...that is easily four feet high. raked a bit in the front, that strip of grass between the road and the sidewalk, brushed the driveway...all that stamp-sand the sand truck drops through winter, much of it staying on the concrete drive. the village made at least one pass with their sander-vacuum-er collecting the stamp-sand on the roadway, the stampsand the leftover dregs of the copper mining hey-day, the crushed rock from the ore that was dug from the ground, brought to shoreline mills, and stamped to get at the copper. ooga booga.

no reports of snow in the forecast...maybe we can safely say that that is a thing of the past and we won't see anymore now until late October possibly, November for sure, December we'll be buried again. here's a few images from last week out on the big lake, Superior, at Big Traverse, shove I think they called it.

Ice shove - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

save all that ice for summer!

Is this Jack Nicholson from the "Shining" dressed up as Pippi Longstockings?? o_O :confused:


Well-Known Member
Apr 12, 2013
Winter... oh please tell me your place wasn't flooded again today? :sad: This is terrible and disgusting that between the government and the local council... they still can't come up with a workable plan to fix the storm water system... it's rubbish and very unfair.
I hope (((you and your family))) are okay... xox
aww thanks for flooding for, since its not even fixed yet I would be a very sad face!

Walter Oobleck

keeps coming back...or going, and going, and going
Mar 6, 2013
About 40-F just after seven a.m. Cloudy, gray, rain earlier. The only snow left in the back yard is a patch about a foot high tapering to nothing on the edges shaped like Africa or South America. Something about the rain down in Africa. Furnace just kicked in, natural gas, hot water, fin tube radiation. Yesterday, I'm working a job out on 203...out near the old Rendezvous Supper Club...old farmhouse, putting in a sump well, pump. I arrive to four inches of water in the basement. Yummee. Don the boots, trap door is already open, lights on, down I go. Boots leak. Boff of them. Double-yum-yum. Much rain lately...localized mine shaft (lid) caved in...Huron Mine #5 or something. Work is piling up...some left from last year, work I couldn't get to because of the weather. All to the good. Asked this old buck out Gay if he recalls a May with this much snow left. Nope, says Bill. Usually, we have leaves on trees by Mothers' Day...not last year and not this year. Talked to an uncle...out in L'Anse...and his theory is that we're in for a hot he was looking at yearly averages and the averages are all about even. He does not have internet so I don't know where he looked. Slim's Cafe maybe. Would you eat at a place called Slim's Cafe? So Uncle Bonehead said based on the protracted sub-freezing temps earlier in the year, for the average to rise to what the norm has been, argues for a long hot summer. Not a problem. Bare makin'.
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