I Am Happy Today Because . . .

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Richard Bachman's love child
Nov 28, 2006
Happy today because I did some Christmas shopping.. and I'm almost done buying for everyone on my list. Oh yeah! xD
I could learn to dislike you lol.....just joking. I am doing me christmas shopping at 7/11 on Christmas Eve. Anyone fancy some beef jerky, disposable lighters and lottery tickets?

Walter Oobleck

keeps coming back...or going, and going, and going
Mar 6, 2013
...because my wife and I get to take off tomorrow for a 4-day vacation. We're lighting out for the Territory. NO-FO. The sunny southwest. Watch us come home to two feet of snow in the drive and a five foot bank at the curb. She says she wants to live out there...winters...when we retire. When she retires...I doubt I'll retire. There's this old buck, 84-year-old, still changing links in the cable to lift the porch off the trailer...nothing ventured! nothing gained! he says. Heh! I can't imagine being that limber at 84.
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