I found a Fossil!

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Dec 6, 2018
Thank you Doctor King for the metaphor, finding a story is like digging up a fossil. I have done something expensive and possibly stupid for 2 years. It is artistic and in no way has any financial returns. It has kept my heart in shape and opened my mind. Nobody cares about it but me. Sometimes outsiders see peeks of an end result. The work goes against everything we are. Miserable machinery in a capitalistic electric chair looking for Mickey Mouse to escape. But, a fossil was there. I have 2 years of writing material for a novella. Here is the juxtaposition. Remember that scene, the uncut version of Apocalypse now when the Playboy bunnies and soldiers rot away inside the Huey? If you replace the sex and drugs with tango dancing, you have your fossil. And yes, I am almost as scared as joining the Marines as being my true self with a beautiful lady on a dance floor. Bruce Lee knew nothing of karate, he viciously tormented himself pursuing honest expression and in doing so, beat the **** out of a lot of people.
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