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Dressing the Gothic interval in tritones
Jul 1, 2009
I think the social changes the evolution of this story and movie represent to him are far more important than the money. In fact, next to that, I think the money means practically nothing. Notice I'm not saying that starting the story-change domino effect of major character background/arc swaps are the best way to achieve it, because not everybody can handle it... some writers are up to the task, many are not, but nevertheless the changing societal perceptions and tides this current iteration represents is what King, I think, believes in, judging by what he's been saying ...
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Nov 2, 2017
I love Idris, but they didn't do this movie justice. I am a limited ed collector and purchased the eye catching Steelbook at Best Buy, but the film deserved a multi-part treatment not a 90 min film. So much was lost:( Maybe a mini-series or 2 part series would have been more appropriate.
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