If you missed or forgot about the series premier...

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Jul 10, 2006
Just north of Duma Key
....I saw that, bun unless they used it as a base for a coffee mug.....they have strayed far away from the spirit of the tale.....
That is why I always say-- the book is the book, what your own minds eye sees. Adaptions, based on, continuations are --- well, whatever they are.
almost thought I was watching UTD after seeing the dog!;)


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Dec 5, 2015
I watched the pilot and wasn't a huge fan. While I understand some things will have be changed and some liberties will have to be made to make it fit for a TV series, it just didn't seem true to SK's novella. I found myself wondering at times if I was watching a teenage girls high-school drama or a novella based on a bunch of badass monsters coming from the mist.


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Jun 15, 2007
Cambridge, Ohio
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