If you missed or forgot about the series premier...

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Uber Member
Mar 23, 2008
I watched all of season one this weekend. If I had watched the series without knowing it was based on Stephen King's The Mist, I don't think I would have guessed it was.
That sums it up.
WTH is that, it has almost no reference to King`s work and is generally a very bad TV Show, the plot is horrible and the acting...one of the worst I have seen on TV....

Hill lover35

Well-Known Member
Jan 8, 2017
Alberta canada
I tired to watch the first 15 had to turn it off due to mom watching it, may try it again later, but it just seems like nothing from the story. The main couple has a ten age girl and not a boy.. which is odd, and I am not shire why they needed the football scene. I did like the arrowhead reference
. This seems very very odd
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