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Is It Worth The Price?

Discussion in 'Nightmares in the Sky' started by !redruM, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. !redruM

    !redruM Semi-Well Known Member

    Hello all! I've seen this online, usually used, and cheap (add shipping, might as well buy it new!) I've read about it (SK wrote and there's photos of gargoyles?) So now, I trust all of you, is it worth the investment?
  2. king family fan

    king family fan Prolific member

    I enjoy mine. I bought two copys. I got one with out a dust jacket. Then found one with a dust jacket for a few dollars. So had to buy that too.
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  3. kingricefan

    kingricefan All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.

    It does have a rather long and interesting essay in it by King and the photos are beautiful and haunting. That said, if you're a King completist (or on the way to being one) then it is well worth the price. I don't regret buying my copy when it was first published and paid full price for it, too.
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  4. Sundrop

    Sundrop Sunny the Great & Wonderful

    Depends on what you're gonna pay for it. It is a nice book....looks great on a coffee table, and is an interesting conversation piece.
    Don't over pay for it though....

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...I feel it was well worth what I payed for it years ago, when it was first released...
  6. Spideyman

    Spideyman Uber Member

    Have enjoyed my copy both to read/ re read as well as coffee table piece. Photographs are beautiful. As others said, depends on price you would pay.
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  7. VampireLily

    VampireLily Vampire Goddess & Consumer of men's souls.

    i love mine..... it's an absolutely gorgeous book. I guess it depends on what you're willing to spend!
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  8. !redruM

    !redruM Semi-Well Known Member

    Thanks, all! Sounds like it's not just short text & pics.
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  9. kingricefan

    kingricefan All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.

    King's essay runs for 20 pages, although some of the text on each page only uses half (or less) of the page. There are a couple of gate-fold photos , meaning that you open the book to that page and then have to fold out the picture to see the whole thing). This is one title that I don't have a duplicate copy of. Must get one soon!
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  10. DanishReader

    DanishReader Well-Known Member

    Love this book and have fond memories of the day when I finally got it after reading about it in a book about King. I'm one of those who sees it as a King-book. but a different one, of course.
  11. Ebdim9th

    Ebdim9th A Man's Chord and Author/bringer of Bad Dolls

    I forgot about this one ..... gargoyles stole my memory of it ....
  12. Mr. Cranky

    Mr. Cranky Well-Known Member

    It is a good book. I originally saw an extract from the book in a men's magazine back around 1987, because i used to buy men's magazines for the articles and short stories. I still have that mag. I have the book, the hard cover version and F-stop Fitzgerald is a good photographer. I haven't read the whole book cover to cover but I liked the part from memory where King is in a limo going down some steet in New York (43rd?) and he's looking at the gargoyles.
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