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Doc Creed

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Nov 18, 2015
United States
Kinda hope b...b...buh...Bill is bald, like in the book. Dunno why. Gravitas, maybe? Authenticity? I mean, we don't need a buncha pretty boy d-bags all over the place.

Long as it ain't John Boy with a pony tail. Blecch.
I wondered the same thing, Muskrat. Guess it's just authenticity or nostalgia for how he's described in the book. We don't need a cast that looks like they stepped off of a photoshoot stage for Banana Republic or H&M.
Mar 26, 2017
Nicolaj Coster-Waldau: Bill
Jessica Chastain: Beverly
Chris Pratt: Ben
Bill Hader: Richie
Scoot McNary: Eddie Spaghetti
I'll have to do some thinking on Stan and Mike.
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Mar 26, 2017
Here's what I think...

Bradley Cooper - Bill
Matt Damon - Ben
Amy Adams - Bev
Bill Hader - Ritchie
Charlie Day - Eddie
Chiwetel Ejiofor - Mike
Eli Roth (in a rare acting appearance) - Stan
Jon Bernthal - Henry
Ben Affleck - Tom
Isla Fisher - Audra
Matt Bomer - Adrian
Benjamin Bratt - Greco
Lorenza Izzo - Stan's Wife
Alan Arkin - Mr. Keene
Charlie Day as Eddie is really good, and Jon Berthnal as Henry is good too
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Finally Uber!
Aug 14, 2009
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Let's hear it!

Now keep in mind that in the movie the kids were approximately 13 and so the age of the adults will be approximately 40, or at least actors who could convincingly play 40-year olds.

So here's my idea for Bill Denbrough: Will Wheaton! Maybe he's not exactly "natural leader" material, but I think he looks enough like the younger Bill Denbrough and he's already beloved in the SK movie genre for his portrayal of Gordie in Stand By Me (The Body). I think he'd do a fine job.


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Aug 9, 2015
Doc Creed started a nice thread on this. I'm including the link here, in case the Mods want to merge the content later on. There were some nice suggestions here.

Also, I'll support Will Wheaton if in Chapter II Pennywise slaps him and tells him to shut-up (come on Trekkers, don't let me down here: you know the reference)

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Dana Jean

Apr 11, 2006
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